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Interesting things are happening in the Title IX job market…

Graph above: Y-axis represents percentage of job listings on indeed.com that are for Title IX Coordinators; X-axis represents time in years.   Whether you know what a Title IX Coordinator is or not, you’ve probably noticed a massive boost in media coverage on college sexual assault cases over the past few years. From the leniently-ruled Stanford rape case to the Columbia case that caused the victim to carry her 50-pound mattress around campus until she felt rightfully supported, it seems that no college or university is immune to these horrible cases.   That’s where your Title IX Coordinators come in.   The Title IX Coordinator position was created in both high schools and places of higher education for the purpose of creating equality between male and female students. The matters of equality that Title IX Coordinators manage can range from school athletics to classroom accommodations. Yet a Coordinator’s most prominent responsibility over these past few years has been working with victims of sexual assault. And, according to the numbers, these Title IX Coordinators are in high demand.   As of this past hiring season for the fall semester, there are 1,600 vacant positions for Title IX Coordinators in the U.S on Indeed.com. This number has increased about fifty percent since the peak of 2014’s school hiring period, jumping from .016% of Indeed job listings to almost .024%.   This is big news for high schools and institutions of higher education. As school communities begin to take sexual assault more seriously, a designated on-campus coordinator is integral to making sure the right moves are made for progress in gender equality.... read more

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